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Going through a divorce can be stressful. At Kossover Law Offices in New Paltz, we can help you find solutions that work for your family through divorce mediation. Providing short and long-term solutions, we provide a wide range of family law legal counseling.

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Divorce mediation allows divorcing couples to come together and negotiate an agreement to terminate their marriage, as opposed to taking a case to court and letting a judge determine their future. From property settlement agreements to child custody and support, mediation offers a chance to come up with solutions that work for your family.

We believe that finding amicable solutions to marital problems is better for you and better for your children. A more civilized process than litigation, when done right, divorce mediation is generally also a more affordable solution. We also handle the negotiation of separation agreements, which can become the blueprint for divorce settlements.

As a certified divorce mediator, attorney Victoria Kossover does not represent either spouse, but serves as a neutral third-party, making sure the process is utilized to its full potential. Our firm has helped couples find solutions for their families through divorce mediation, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Equitable Distribution of Property
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support

In addition to finding solutions tailored to the needs of their families, our clients appreciate that divorce mediation is faster and cleaner than going to court. By working together, you can build on the positive and not let negative emotions control the process.

Legal Matrimonial Counseling

We also offer legal matrimonial counseling. Many people do not know exactly what to expect from the divorce process. We will answer any legal questions you have and help you understand your full range of options before you make a life-changing decision to terminate your marriage.

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While you want to come up with a property division and child support plan that protects your rights, you also want to divorce with dignity. We can guide you through the divorce mediation process and help you understand your options. Open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., we are ready to help you find solutions. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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